Your Contribution Won’t Cost You Anything

Deadline April 15

Your Contribution Won’t Cost Your Company Anything

Deadline June 30

Our Mission

Guided by Jesuit principles, our mission is to ensure that students with a verified financial need can afford a quality private education.

For Tuition Aid

Learn how BCF helps families afford their choice for private K-12 education with tuition aid based solely on financial need.

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For Corporations

Learn how corporations & insurance companies can provide low-income students tuition aid at NO COST to your company.

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For Individuals

Learn how your donation becomes tuition aid for students who need it most AND provides you a 100% tax credit.

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average income for family of 4 receiving BCF tuition aid


BCF tuition aid funds students from working poor and low income families

Your Tax Credits At Work

"My parents have taught me to do my best no matter what I am doing as well as the importance of education and how it will open doors for me. They believed Brophy College Prep would be the best place for me to attend high school, but for us the cost seemed unreachable. Had it not been for the tuition assistance from Brophy Community Foundation, which also helped us in 7th and 8th grade, we would not have been able to afford Brophy. Thank you for helping me make the most out of my high school years which have prepared and inspired me for this exciting future. I hope to make an impact in our world."

- Joshua Benjamin, BCP ’16 Valedictorian, Harvard ’20 Gates Millennium Scholar