our mission

Guided by Jesuit principles, Brophy Community Foundation’s mission is to ensure that Arizona K-12 students with verified financial need can afford a quality private school education.

Brophy Community Foundation funding provides critical tuition aid for financially qualified students. Whether they attend Brophy College Preparatory, Loyola Academy or one of the 38 additional K-12 schools, Brophy Community Foundation helps families afford the private education they seek for their children.

Brophy Community Foundation is one of Arizona’s oldest school tuition organizations (STO) founded in 1998.

our history

Arizona law provides for a dollar for-dollar income tax credit for taxpayer contributions to Brophy Community Foundation (BCF), a certified school tuition organization (STO), for the purpose of providing tuition aid to students to attend Arizona private K-12 schools. BCF receives contributions from individuals and companies (C-corps, S-corps, and insurance companies that pay a premium tax). The individual tax credit law began in 1998 and the corporate tax credit law began in 2006.

It’s easy to give. Individuals can make their contribution today by clicking on our “DONATE NOW” button. When you complete your 2023 taxes, download and complete these forms to claim your credit:

301 Nonrefundable Individual Tax Credits and Recapture
323 Original Individual Tax Credit
348 PLUS Individual Tax Credit

Corporations are not limited in amount of contribution, although there is a statewide cap this year of $158,476,605. There is an application process that requires Arizona Department of Revenue approval that depends on statewide cap remaining unclaimed. It’s easy to apply by contacting us, completing this online form or downloading this form.

Watch to see how easy it is to get an individual tax credit

meet our team

Heather Chapman

operations manager

Phone: 602.264.5291 (x6227)
Email: hchapman@brophyprep.org


Dawn Kennedy


Phone: 602.264.5291 (x6500)
Email: dkennedy@brophyprep.org


Corporate & marketing manager

Phone: 602.264.5291 (x6521)
Email: lgiesecke@brophyprep.org

Brophy Community Foundation’s Federal Identification Number is 86-0929111.

Brophy Community Foundation financial statements, governing documents, and conflict of interest policy are available upon request.