What is a school tuition organization?

A school tuition organization is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization that must:

  1. allocate at least 90% of its annual contributions to scholarships;
  2. not limit the availability of scholarships to students of one school;
  3. allow ADOR to verify that the scholarships issued are awarded to students attending a qualified school;
  4. not knowingly collude with any other STO to circumvent the limits of the low-income corporate scholarship;
  5. include on the organization’s website, if one exists, the percentage and total dollar amount of educational scholarships and tuition grants awarded during the previous fiscal year to (a) students whose family income is up to 185% of poverty level and (b) students whose family income is greater than 185% of poverty level but not more than 342.25% of poverty level;
  6. not award scholarships to students who are simultaneously enrolled in a district school or charter school and a qualified school; and
  7. follow all other statutory requirements in A.R.S. § 43-1183 or Title 43, Chapter 15.