What is the procedure for making a corporate/insurance tax credit donation?

Brophy Community Foundation (BCF) handles all the paperwork required by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR}.

  1. Contact Laura Giesecke at 602-264-5291 x6521 or lgiesecke@brophyprep.org to initiate the process before July 1st as the cap is reached quickly.
  2. The application for approval must be submitted by Brophy Community Foundation to the ADOR.
  3. If the program cap has not been met, ADOR approves the request within 20 days and notifies Brophy Community Foundation.
  4. Brophy Community Foundation will immediately notify corporate donor of approval.
  5. The corporation has 20 days from the date of approval by ADOR to make the contribution payable to Brophy Community Foundation.
  6. The corporation takes the tax credit on its tax return, but may carry any unused credit forward for up to five years after the contribution was made.
  7. To claim the credit, the corporation lists the credit on the standard 120 form, and files a 335 form attached to the return. The corporation may take either the federal deduction or the Arizona state credit, but not both.